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Our Mission

We are a full-service, 100% emissions-free freight and logistics provider. Our green, sustainable, and cost-effective commercial transportation solutions enable our customers to reduce cost and carbon emissions.


The Future of Clean Trucking is Here

Environmental Sustainability

Companies that lead the transition to green transportation will enjoy unique competitive advantages, including favorable public perception, government-backed financial incentives, and a resilient supply chain free from the demands and disruptions caused by relying on fossil fuels.

The Time is Now

All companies – regardless of size or industry – must prioritize environmental sustainability as a corporate citizenship imperative. Our electrified fleet, national delivery corridors, and team of experts provide turn-key solutions for taking the first step towards clean transportation.

Good Corporate Citizenship

Your transition to sustainable, eco-friendly transportation benefits today’s society and ensures a sustainable environment for future generations. Shifting workloads away from fossil fuels towards green alternatives will reduce the damage to the planet and give you customers peace of mind.

End-to-End Sustainable Transportation

Solar Power Generation

Rapid Charging

Smart Power Storage

The Green Transportation Group prides itself on our commitment to increasing the number of women & minorities in the transportation industry. We’ve built our company around an inclusive corporate culture that offers flexible work arrangements, fair compensation, and mentoring programs to encourage and support professional development and advancement of women, minorities, and underprivileged communities throughout our industry.

Majority of consumers value sustainably sourced goods and are willing to pay a premium for environmentally sustainable items

Willing to Pay a Premium to Purchase Environmentally Sustainable Items
Willing to Pay 10% Markup for Green Products and Services
Willing to Pay Up to 40% More for Eco-Friendly Goods
As reported in April 2022 by Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (URW)

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